Data Apparel is founded on a belief in the power of data, visualisation and empathy. We specialise in ethical clothing that fuses design with visualisation of data on vulnerable populations. Data Apparel produces clothing that means something; our designs are created to make a statement, to provoke discussion and to engender empathy among global citizens. A proportion of our profits are donated to charitable organisations that operate internationally to protect vulnerable populations.

Data Apparel is inspired by the experience of its founder, Alex Rutherford, as a data scientist with the United Nations, Facebook and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Alex draws on his PhD in physics, several years working and studying in the Middle East and experience analysing data from social media, legal documents and other sources to aid development and humanitarian response.

Neshwa Boukhari is the Legal Counsel and Creative Director of Data Apparel. Neshwa is a New York State Attorney and has nurtured her graphical and fashion acumen steadily since working on The Beaver, the London School of Economics in-house newspaper.