How the Tech Industry Graduated Stickers from the Playground

I remember a period in school playground when stickers were a hot commodity to be traded and shown off. Fast forward to today, and among programmers, hackers and developers, stickers are back in fashion. The trend in the tech industry, to show off the organisations or causes that matter to you, is by putting stickers on your laptop.


Here is what my poor laptop looks like these days. My laptop includes stickers from NASA, an Arabic calligraphic design made by a Syrian friend and several others. You will notice our own Data Apparel sticker on the top right.

Just scrolling through sites like Pinterest, it’s clear to see that laptop stickers are featuring more and more in mainstream style. Whether you’re passionate about charitable organisations or just simply have a soft spot for quirky decorative visuals, laptop stickers act as a means of showing your identity and preserving your aesthetic.

In particular however, the trend of using laptop stickers seems to more be prominent in the tech industry. Unquestionably, it has become part of geek culture, with tech workers showing their concerns over important causes and projects by featuring them on their laptops. In a world where everyone uniformly sports a Macbook Pro, stickers can not only help distinguish otherwise identical devices, but also project an identity or experience.

In the ProgrammerHumor subreddit, user SirWumbo85 described using laptop stickers as a record of places they have been

I have a sticker of every place that I have worked at that supplies or sells stickers, mostly coffee shops.

User _zapplebee described how laptop stickers represent milestones to them:

The business unit I'm with at my current job has stickers for each successful project. Those are definitely my proudest ones.’ 

In one way or another, many working in tech describe using their laptop as a kind of billboard for local businesses, technologies or communities that matter to them. 2called_chaos described the consensus:

I think you can read a little bit into the laptop's owner depending on the kind of stickers

Just as the stickers adorning your laptop signal your identity and priorities to others, fashion can make a statement in many different ways; a principle at the heart of Data Apparel. We make ethical clothing that aims is to inspire empathy with vulnerable populations and promote conversation about international development and equality through data visualisation.

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Whenever you buy one of our data gifts, we include a postcard insert that explains our ethos and the specific data & design you have purchased. Of course we also include some stickers to put on your laptop (or wherever you want!) so you too can show off the organisations that you support.



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